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We handle email marketing. 

Email marketing is a more personal way of marketing your products or expertise to your audience.  We will help you determine which email marketing platform is best for you.  We will also design, schedule and distribute your email campaign and/or newsletter according to your company's marketing goals.

Email Campaigns


Email Campaigns have automated distributions.  They are a set number of  emails over a set span of time and can be terminated by subscribers performing a call-to-action or unsubscribing.


A call-to-action is directing your audience to perform some sort of act. For new subscribers, your call-to-action may be "Update your profile!" This type of call-to-action allows you to obtain more information, about the subscriber, that can later be used for segmenting purposes.  

A call-to-action for existing subscribers may be "Check out our new product." This type of call-to-action allows you to introduce new products as they pertain to your email list.

Newsletters are typically designed to demonstrate your expertise.  They can be inspirational, informative or a combo of both.  They are designed as a "give" to your audience, to build trust. 

Inspirational newsletters often contain a story. They have a more personal touch and vulnerability because you are sharing an experience (whether yours or someone else's) and also allows you to articulate your stance about a particular  subject.

Informative newsletters are more of an F.Y.I.  They outline what's going in your company, news, upcoming events or what have you. They can contain flyers and collaborations. They may also relay an indirect message to your audience.

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