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Understanding The Importance of Well Crafted Bios

An online presence is becoming essential for professionals and businesses alike, but a common misunderstanding in the business world is the difference between a personal bio and a brand bio. A brand biography is a narrative of your brand (company) story. It tells the story of your brand’s unique promise value to your target audience. Your bio needs to emotionally connect with your readers and be written in a way that engages them. Whereas as a professional biography is a summary of who are you as an employer, business person, or professional. A professional biography is the art of presenting yourself in the best possible and most interesting light, without actually engaging in anything that smacks off a hard sell.

The business world has become a completely different place in the past few years. Business owners and entrepreneurs have to engage the world in a way they never had to before. Once upon a time, having a bare bones resume and being good at your job was enough to get you the attention you needed in almost anything you might do. Nowadays, that simply isn’t true anymore. Even a sole proprietor of a business needs to know the basics of a professional biography. Most bios are written as a laundry list of skills and jobs with no focus or message and this makes them boring. A creative and well written bio can be a powerful way to position and sell yourself and create a powerful personal business card or brand identity. So how do you do it? You begin by adopting a self brand mindset. You begin as a marketer of any product would, by looking at yourself as a brand looking for a buyer or market, a brand that is a solution to a problem.

Once crafted, your bio can follow you to many networking opportunities. Accountants may find their bios posted in their Certified Public Accounting directory, while real estate professionals may have searchable bios available on their corporate site. An accountant's bio might feature their organizational skills and any professional accomplishments they have had, as well as their focus within the industry; this will give prospective clients and industry professionals a better idea of their capabilities. Meanwhile, the real estate professional can easily be found by those looking to invest in real estate.

It is important to consider the marketing potential that lies within the content of your bio (both professional and brand), because this is where potential clients come to learn more about your company, the people behind it and whether or not to take your business or the idea of collaborating with you. Click here to begin the construction of your professional bio.

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