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Do I Need A Roadmap For My Brand?

Where does your brand want to go?

How do you want others to see your brand?

Where is your brand now, and what relationships do you and your team members need to foster in order to get to where you want to be?

Are these questions you have asked yourself? Without effective communications planning, it’s common for brands to find some of their business goals unattainable or undiscovered. Many brands realize that they need to communicate, but they don’t know how to effectively do this. Developing a communications plan is one way for a company to make a Roadmap that will direct them in achieving their business goals.

Communication plays an integral role in keeping in creating and growing a brand. A Communication Roadmap is an invaluable tool that will guide all aspects of the project, including the most effective ways to communicate your brand to your clients, potential clients, sponsors and so much more. The specifics of the communication plan, including the method and frequency, vary depending on your project's needs. Understanding the purpose of the project communication plan helps team members realize the plan's goals.

The communication plan sets the standards for how and when brand communication takes place and sets the tone for all communication concerning the brand. This allows you to maintain control of the way your brand is being displayed in all marketing material, public relations materials and internal communications. and ensure all stakeholders receive the necessary information.

Benefits of a Brand Communications Roadmap include:

  • To simplify your agency’s goals and objectives: Think of your plan as your roadmap; you know where you want to go, but you need a route to get there.

  • To ensure the client and all team members are on the “same page.”: A well articulated plan will help people get on the same page and ensure your brand alignment is on display in all aspects of your material.

  • To identify and implement a variety of communications goals: There are many different ways to get your brand message to your public. This will help you to settle on which activities you will engage in so that you aren’t continuously pulled in different directions.

  • To set the tone for the relationships between the brand and its target audience: Going through the communications planning process will help you identify who you need to reach, tell them what you want them to know, and how you will reach them. You will find that each of your audiences has unique characteristics, needs, and ways to communicate this to them.

  • Is a visualization of what actions are needed to help your company achieve its long-term goals for success. It connects the dots for people in your organization by showing everyone how their everyday actions fit with the company's vision of where it wants to be in the future.

  • To develop a creative flow and consistent brand direction from all members from client to team members: Involving many people in the planning process will bring in different perspectives and diversity of thought. Bring in staff, stakeholders, constituents, interns, and junior staff members.

  • To gauge your brand plan of actions success and areas in need of strengthening: Organizations will often do a mid-course review to determine strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles and then create and implement new approaches. You can develop a unique, tailored evaluation strategy that will gather the information you need to improve your plan.

Bottom line a Communication Roadmap is the best way to Plan, Execute and Measure the Success of your Brand’s Communication efforts. A well-designed strategic road map is like a GPS for your business. It not only tells you where you are and the quickest way to get to your destination, it can even shorten the route as less time is wasted with team members trying to figure out things on the go. It's one of the best tools to lift the fog and make your vision clear for everyone on the team. If you want to pinpoint the choices to make today that will affect your future, a good strategic road map can be your ally.

Public Relations Consultant

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