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Build Lasting Relationships.

There is an old saying “A business is only as good as the clients it serves,"and I want to go a step further and say no business gets far after losing the clients it has. The key to success is building relationships that go beyond one-time projects and provide value to these clients on a consistent, ongoing basis. In today's world of social media and newsletters, we have lost the reason these tools are valuable. They were meant to build relationships and thus business will come. There is a mindset that if you aren’t bringing me business right now they why are we connected?

If you work for yourself, getting more clients is a top priority? Clients give you work. Work pays the bills. Do good work and you get a great reference. Do this enough times and you build a great working client list; it’s like our own version of the circle of business. The main problem with this theory of approaching your work purely in terms of “building a client list,” is that it means you will always have to get more clients. If you don’t work, you don’t have billable hours, so you don’t get paid. Time off will always feel like money down the drain. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself on a treadmill, unable to get off.

A more valuable way to approach your business if forming strong relationships, which is an essential component to success. The relationships you've formed, with various types of people in many different areas of your life, can serve as a foundation for your creating strong ties with people who could be potential clients.

These are some keys to maintaining a relationship that will keep your connects as customers:

  • Over Communicate-Clients depend on you to keep them informed. Make regular communications with them one of your top priorities. This includes updating them on various projects, as well as letting them know about any bumps in the road you encounter.

  • Be a Trusted Advisor They Can’t Do Business Without- The more value what you bring to the table as an expert, the more a client comes to depend on you. Don’t hesitate to share information clients may find useful, whether or not it benefits you in any way.

  • Treat your clients like more than just a client- A client is more than just a revenue stream; Each has his or her likes and dislikes, preferences for how to do business, issues and concerns. The more you can identify with a client as a person, rather than as a chance to make money, the stronger the bond between you will grow.

  • Each relationship is unique- Often the best tactic is to just be yourself and not overthink things. Take a genuine interest in a relationship and the rest will take care of itself.

It's always worthwhile to reflect on what truly makes a relationship last. Forming long-lasting, meaningful relationships is vital to any organization's success. So avoid these pitfalls to instead reap the rewards of positive, mutually beneficial business relationships throughout your career.

Public Relations Consultant

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